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Drum Beats

Each drum beat file is a 2 minute long loop of a drummer playing a straight 4/4 beat.

Playing with a drum beat, or other time source such as a metronome, will greatly improve your rhythmic accuracy. You can practice any piece in 4/4 time with the beats.

Start with a slow beat. Once you can play your piece from start to finish in time with the beat without stopping, move on to a faster beat.

Be sure to try the following:

1. Listen to the beat while counting out loud.
2. Clap the rhythm of the piece while counting along with the beat.
3. Play the piece while counting along with the drum beat.


BEATS (mp3 Files):

60 Beats per minute
65 Beats per minute
70 Beats per minute
75 Beats per minute
80 Beats per minute
85 Beats per minute
90 Beats per minute
95 Beats per minute
100 Beats per minute

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