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Please note that some of the links below lead to third party websites. Although they have all been checked by Mr. Bovell, they are not monitored regularly and it is possible their content and availability can change at any time. If you find any issues or problems with any of the links below, please inform Mr. Bovell.

Cedarview Middle School
Official website of everyone's favourite middle school.

Music Curriculum 2009 Ontario Curriculum for the Arts
Provides the foundation for music education in Ontario schools. This document includes expectations outlining what students will learn in each grade and how they are evaluated.

Online Metronome
Practice with a metronome every day!

Note Naming Games
Note Identification (
Name That Note (teaching
Musicards (
Great for improving your knowledge of note names!

Various Music Games

Musical Instruments
A Guide to 100 Musical Instruments

Piano Keyboard Diagram
Two Octave Keyboard Diagram with note names.

Blank Staff Paper
Regular staff paper (8 lines per page).
Large staff paper (6 lines per page).
Piano staff paper (4 double lines per page with clefs).

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